Devel::CoverReport - Advanced Perl code coverage report generator


To get coverage report, from existing cover_db database, use:



This module provides advanced reports based on Devel::Cover database.


Consider this module to be an early ALPHA. It does the job for me, so it's here.

This is my first CPAN module, so I expect that some things may be a bit rough around edges.

The plan is, to fix both those issues, and remove this warning in next immediate release.



Constructor for Devel::CoverReport.


Make the report, as it was specified during object construction.

Most probably, this is the only method, that most users will have to call, if they want to use this module directly.

The rest will either run prove_cover (it's still the recomended way) or hack deeper - if, for some reason, You just need parts of this module.


Check if there are some issues, that would not allow a digest to be edded to the report. In case such issues exist, digest has to be re-classified, and it's analise abandoned.

Parameters: (ARRAY) $self $structure_data : digest's structure data.

Returns: $new_classification : string (like: MISSING, CHANGED) or undef (if no issues ware detected).


Determine, if file (identified by it's path) should be INCLUDE-d, MENTION-ed or EXCLUDE-d.

Parameters: (ARRAY) $self $file_path

Returns: $classification_string - one of the: INCLUDE, MENTION, EXCLUDE.


Internal function.

Backend for classify_file, iterate over every possible classification method.

Parameters: (ARRAY) $self $file_path

Returns: $classification_string - one of the: INCLUDE, MENTION, EXCLUDE.


Prepare detailed reports related to coverage or single module, and return some metadata, used later to make a report-wide summary.

Parameters: (ARRAY) $self $runs - array of run IDs, that are related to this file (runs, that cover this file) $digest - file's ID, assigned to it by Devel::Cover

Returns: nothing


Prepare table, which shows, for each metric: - coverable items - covered items - coverage (in percent)

Parameters: ($self + HASH) item_summary - data for the summary row


Parameters: ($self + HASH) digest - digest of the file, for which to prepare run details report structure_data run_hits - per-run part of the %hits hash per_run_info source_lines - array ref, containing covereg file's contents - line by line. item_summary - data for the summary row


Make coverage information report for single structure entiry (Perl script or module).

Parameters: ($self + HASH) structure_data hits report_id - string: 'namified' file path with run ID (if per-run coverages are turned ON) source_lines - array ref, containing covereg file's contents - line by line. item_summary - data for the summary row


Internal function.

Distribute criterions from DB into each of the phisical source lines.

Parameters: (ARRAY) $self $structure_data $hits

Returns: Hash


Make detailed branch coverage report.

Parameters: $self $basename $structure_data $hits


Make detailed subroutine coverage report.

Parameters: $self $basename $structure_data $hits


Make detailed branch coverage report.

Parameters: $self $basename $structure_data $hits


Make file index, with coverage summary for each.

Parameters: $self $total_summary - total (all files/runs average) summary


Utility routine, compute summary for each criterion.

Source should be a hash - key for each criterion, holding arrays. Example:

    $source = {
        branch     => \@branch_line_hits,
        condition  => \@condition_line_hits,
        statement  => \@statement_line_hits,
        subroutine => \@subroutine_line_hits,
        pod        => \@pod_line_hits,

Params: $source


Compute proper c-class, used for color-coding coverage information:

 c0 : not covered or coverage < 50%
 c1 : coverage >= 50%
 c2 : coverage >= 75%
 c3 : coverage >= 90%
 c4 : covered or coverage = 100%

Static function.


If image is worth a thousand words, then example should cound as about 750... Turn something like this: /home/natanael/Perl/Foo/Bar/

into this: -home-natanael-Perl-Foo-Bar-Baz-pm

Additionally, remove any characters, that could confuse shell. Effectivelly, the resulting string should be safe for use in shell, web and by childrens under 3 years old :)

Static function.


Copyright 2009-2012, Bartłomiej Syguła (

This is free software. It is licensed, and can be distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

For more, see my website: