Gtk2::Ex::GdkBits - miscellaneous Gdk helpers


 use Gtk2::Ex::GdkBits;


($x,$y) = Gtk2::Ex::GdkBits::window_get_root_position ($window)

Return two values $x,$y which are the top left corner of $window in root window coordinates.

This is the same as $window->get_origin(), but it's implemented with $window->get_position() calls and thus uses the most recently recorded window positions rather than making an X server round-trip.

Gtk2::Ex::GdkBits::window_clear_region ($window, $region)

Clear the area of $region (a Gtk2::Gdk::Region) in $window to the window background pixel or pixmap.

Gtk2::Ex::GdkBits::draw_rectangle_corners ($drawable, $gc, $filled, $x1,$y1, $x2,$y2)

Draw a rectangle with corners at $x1,$y1 and $x2,$y2.


Nothing is exported by default, but the functions can be requested in usual Exporter style,

    use Gtk2::Ex::GdkBits 'window_clear_region';
    window_clear_region ($win, $target_region);

There's no :all tag since this module is meant as a grab-bag of functions and to import as-yet unknown things would be asking for name clashes.


Gtk2::Ex::WidgetBits, Gtk2::Gdk, Gtk2::Gdk::Window, Gtk2::Gdk::Region



Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Kevin Ryde

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