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propagate Action tooltips to MenuItems
helpers for Gtk2::Adjustment objects
helpers for Gtk2::Container widgets
misc functions for Gtk2::Entry widgets
freeze Gtk child property notifies in scope guard style
miscellaneous Gdk helpers
keyboard snooper as object
misc Gtk2::Layout helpers
miscellaneous Gtk2::Menu helpers
help for subclassing Gtk2::MenuItem
misc Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf helpers
pool of Gtk2::Statusbar context strings
message displayed in a Statusbar
Statusbar message until key or button
server sync callback
helpers for Gtk2::Table widgets
helpers for Gtk2::TextBuffer objects
toolitem with CheckButton
toolitem overflowing to a dialog
helpers for Gtk2::Toolbar objects
miscellaneous helpers for TreeModel implementations
miscellaneous TreeModel helpers
change-rows mix-in for TreeModelFilter subclasses
various helpers for Gtk2::TreeView
widget sizes in various units
miscellaneous Gtk widget helpers
event mask merging for widgets
Gtk2 helpers for Test::Weaken
disable selected Gtk2 methods for testing


in lib/Gtk2/Ex/