Gtk2::Ex::KeySnooper -- keyboard snooper as object


 use Gtk2::Ex::KeySnooper;
 my $snooper = Gtk2::Ex::KeySnooper->new (\&myfunc, $mydata);

 # calls &myfunc($widget,$event,$mydata) as usual 

 # myfunc disconnected when object destroyed
 $snooper = undef;


A Gtk2::Ex::KeySnooper object installs a given function as a key snooper in the Gtk main loop. When the KeySnooper object is destroyed it removes that function. The idea is that it can be easier to manage the lifespan of an object than to keep an integer ID safe somewhere and remember Gtk2->key_snooper_remove at the right places.


$ks = Gtk2::Ex::KeySnooper->new ($func)
$ks = Gtk2::Ex::KeySnooper->new ($func, $userdata)

Create and return a KeySnooper object calling the given $func. The calls made are the same as Gtk2->key_snooper_install, ie.

    $stop = &$func ($widget,$event,$userdata)

where $func should return true if it wants to stop event processing, ie. to consume the event, or false to let it propagate to other handlers (the same as event signal handler returns, and you can use Gtk2::EVENT_STOP and Gtk2::EVENT_PROPAGATE in Gtk2-Perl 1.220 and up). For example,

    my $snooper = Gtk2::Ex::KeySnooper->new (\&myfunc, $mydata);

    sub myfunc {
      my ($widget, $event, $userdata) = @_;
      if ($event->type eq 'key-press') {
        if ($event->keyval == MY_DESIRED_KEYVAL) {
          return 1;  # don't propagate event further
      } else {
        # key release
      return 0;  # propagate event

Remove the snooper function, if not already removed. This is done automatically when $snooper is destroyed, but you can do it explicitly sooner if desired.


Gtk2::Widget, Gtk2::Ex::WidgetBits, Glib::Ex::SignalIds



Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Kevin Ryde

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