Gtk2::Ex::TextBufferBits -- helpers for Gtk2::TextBuffer objects


 use Gtk2::Ex::TextBufferBits;


Gtk2::Ex::TextBufferBits::replace_lines ($textbuf, $str)

Replace the text in $textbuf with $str, line by line. This is the same as $textbuf->set_text($str), but preserves marks.

Marks within a line move to the start if they're left-gravity, or the end if right-gravity. Marks at the very end of the buffer stay at the new end. If there's no newline on the last line then right-gravity marks anywhere in it end up at the new end too.

The insert and selection marks have their column positions preserved too. The intention would be to do that for all marks, but as of Gtk 2.20 there's no fast way to get them all.

Gtk2::TextView keeps its window position as a mark at the start of a line. replace_lines preserves that, which means the TextView shows the same lines of the buffer whereas a plain $textbuf->set_text($str) makes it jump to the start of the buffer.


Gtk2::TextBuffer, Gtk2::Ex::WidgetBits



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