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Lingy - A Programming Language for Acmeist Modules


    > lingy --to=perl6 module.ly.yaml


Lingy is a programming language, but not in the typical sense. It has no syntax and it has no runtime. The main point of Lingy is generate equivalent code in many popular programming languages.

Lingy defines the internal structure of a program. A program in Lingy is a well defined data structure. The data structure contains all the information necessary to produce equivalent "real" code in many langauges.

Programs in Lingy are graphs in memory. They can serialized, thus they can conceptually be written using a serialization like YAML. However any syntax that can compile to a valid Lingy data structure, is a valid Lingy syntax. Thus it is intended that Lingy will have many syntaxes.

One syntax that is being developed in parallel is called CafeScript. You can think of it as a language like CoffeeScript, except that instead of just compiling to one language, it compiles to many languages (including JavaScript).

Lingy is currently targeting class-based OO languages, like Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP and JavaScript.


Ingy döt Net <ingy@cpan.org>


Copyright 2014. Ingy döt Net.

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