Neovim::Ext::MsgPack::RPC::AsyncSession - Neovim::Ext::MsgPack::RPC::AsyncSession class


version 0.05


        use Neovim::Ext;


new( $msgpack_stream )

Create a new Neovim::Ext::MsgPack::RPC::AsyncSession.

request( $method, $args, \&response_cb )

Send a msgpack-rpc request to Nvim. $response_cb is called when the response is available.

notify( $method, $args )

Send a msgpack-rpc notification to Nvim. This has the same effect as a request, but no response will be received.

run( \&request_cb, \&notification_cb )

Run the event loop to receive requests and notifications from Nvim. While the event loop is running, \&request_cb and \&notification_cb will be called whenever requests or notifications are received.

stop( )

Stop the event loop.

close( )

Close the event loop.

create_future( )

Create a future.

await( $future )

Wait for $future to complete.