Neovim::Ext::MsgPack::RPC::EventLoop - Neovim::Ext::MsgPack::RPC::EventLoop class


version 0.05


        use Neovim::Ext;


connect_stdio( )

Connect using stdin/stdout.

connect_tcp( $address, $port )

Connect to tcp/ip $address:port.

connect_socket( $path )

Connect to socket at $path.

connect_child( \@argv )

Connect to a new Nvim instance. Uses \@argv as the argument vector to spawn an embedded Nvim. This isn't support on Windows.

create_future( )

Create a future.

await( $future)

Wait for $future to complete.

close( )

Stop the event loop.

send( $data )

Queue $data for sending to Nvim.

run( $data_cb )

Run the event loop, calling $data_cb for each message received.

stop( )

Stop the event loop.