Neovim::Ext::MsgPack::RPC::Session - Neovim::Ext::MsgPack::RPC::Session class


version 0.05


        use Neovim::Ext;


run( $request_cb, $notification_cb, [$setup_cb] )

Run the event loop to receive requests and notifications from Neovim.

stop( )

Stop the event loop.

request( $method, @args )

Send a msgpack-rpc request and block until a response is received. If async_ is set in @args, an asynchronous notification is sent instead, and this method doesn't block or return the value or error result.

next_message( )

Block until a message (request or notification) is available. If messages were previously stored, the first one in the list will be returned, otherwise, run the event loop until a message becomes available.

close( )

Close the event loop.