Net::DRI::Data::RegistryObject - Additional API for Net::DRI operations


 my $dri=Net::DRI->new();
 my $nsg=$dri->remote_object('nsgroup');

 my $nsg=$dri->remote_object('nsgroup','name');


For objects other than domains, hosts, or contacts, Net::DRI::Data::RegistryObject can be used to apply actions.

Net::DRI::remote_object is used to create a new Net::DRI::Data::RegistryObject with either only one parameter (the object type) or two parameters (the object type and the object name)

If the object name is not passed at creation it will need to be passed for all later actions as first parameter.

All calls are handled by an AUTOLOAD, except target() which is the same as in Net::DRI.

All calls need either two array references (protocol parameters and transport parameters) or a list (protocol parameters only).


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