Net::DRI::Transport::SOAP - SOAP (HTTP/HTTPS) Transport for Net::DRI


When calling new_current_profile with this transport, in ref array of parameters for transport, pass an hash ref with the following keys, as needed:

  • proxy_url is a string giving the url to use (mostly worthless since using services, but needed to setup credentials)

  • credentials is an array ref with four items in this order: sitename:port,realm,username,password ex: credentials=>['','Webservices Adherents AFNIC','USERNAME','PASSWORD']

  • service_wsdl is an hash ref : the key is a string used in Protocol classes, value is an url to the corresponding WSDL file ex: service_wsdl=>{Domain=>'file:./Domain-perl.wsdl'}

  • ssl_ca_file is a string giving the local path to the CA certificate file, if using https


  • only for SOAP over HTTP/HTTPS

  • only one CA certificate can be used in each given instance of Net::DRI (because it is given through %ENV)


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Please also see the SUPPORT file in the distribution.




Patrick Mevzek, <>


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