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Boolean. If true, the combo field will allow the user to enter arbitrary text in addition to selecting an existing item from the list. Defaults to false.


Boolean. If true, the combo field will allow the user to type in arbitrary text to filter the list of results. Defaults to false unless user_editable is true.


Setting passed to the 'minChars' ExtJS combo config. Defaults to '0' which causes filter/query to fire with every user ketstroke. For large tables where matching on as little as a single character will be too slow, or to reduce the number/rate of queries fired, set this to a higher value.


Boolean. True to enable 'typeAhead' in the ExtJS combo, meaning that text from the filtered results will be auto-completed in the box. This only makes sense when type_filter is on and will auto enable filter_match_start. This is an "unfeature" (very annoying) if used inappropriately. Defaults to false.


Boolean. True for the LIKE query generated for the type_filter to match only the start of the display column. This defaults to true if auto_complete is enabled because it wouldn't make sense otherwise.