Twitter::API::Trait::NormalizeBooleans - Normalize Booleans


version 1.0006


    use Twitter::API;

    my $client = Twitter::API->new_with_traits(
        traits => [ qw/ApiMethods NormalizeBooleans/ ],

    my ( $r, $c ) = $client->home_timeline({ trim_user => 1 });

    say $c->http_request->uri;

    # output:


Twitter has a strange concept of boolean values. Usually, the API accepts t, true, or 1 for true. Sometimes it accepts f, false, or 0 for false. But then you have strange cases like the include_email parameter used for authorized applications by the verify_credentials endpoint. It only accepts true. Worse, for some boolean values, passing f, false, or 0 all work as if you passed true. For those values, false means not including the parameter at all.

So, this trait attempts to normalize booleans by transforming any perl truthy value to the Twitter API's preference, true. It transforms falsey values to false. And then it removes false parameters that the API always treats as true.

You're welcome.


Marc Mims <>


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