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NAME VM::EC2::REST::autoscaling


 use VM::EC2 ':autoscaling';


This module provides VM::EC2 methods for autoscaling groups and launch configurations. Not all of the Amazon API is implemented, but the most common functions are available.

Implemented: CreateAutoScalingGroup CreateLaunchConfiguration DeleteAutoScalingGroup DeleteLaunchConfiguration DeletePolicy DescribeAutoScalingGroups DescribeLaunchConfigurations DescribePolicies ExecutePolicy PutScalingPolicy ResumeProcesses SuspendProcesses UpdateAutoScalingGroup

Unimplemented: CreateOrUpdateTags DeleteNotificationConfiguration DeleteScheduledAction DeleteTags DescribeAdjustmentTypes DescribeAutoScalingInstances DescribeAutoScalingNotificationTypes DescribeMetricCollectionTypes DescribeNotificationConfigurations DescribeScalingActivities DescribeScalingProcessTypes DescribeScheduledActions DescribeTags DescribeTerminationPolicyTypes DisableMetricsCollection EnableMetricsCollection PutNotificationConfiguration PutScheduledUpdateGroupAction SetDesiredCapacity SetInstanceHealth TerminateInstanceInAutoScalingGroup

@lc = $ec2->describe_launch_configurations(-names => \@names);

@lc = $ec->describe_launch_configurations(@names);

Provides detailed information for the specified launch configuration(s).

Optional parameters are:

  -launch_configuration_names   Name of the Launch config.
                                  This can be a string scalar or an arrayref.

  -name  Alias for -launch_configuration_names

Returns a series of VM::EC2::LaunchConfiguration objects.

$success = $ec2->create_launch_configuration(%args);

Creates a new launch configuration.

Required arguments:

  -name           -- scalar, name for the Launch config.
  -image_id       -- scalar, AMI id which this launch config will use
  -instance_type  -- scalar, instance type of the Amazon EC2 instance.

Optional arguments:

  -block_device_mappings  -- list of hashref
  -ebs_optimized          -- scalar (boolean). false by default
  -iam_instance_profile   -- scalar
  -instance_monitoring    -- scalar (boolean). true by default
  -kernel_id              -- scalar
  -key_name               -- scalar
  -ramdisk                -- scalar
  -security_groups        -- list of scalars
  -spot_price             -- scalar
  -user_data              -- scalar

Returns true on successful execution.

$success = $ec2->delete_launch_configuration(-name => $name);

Deletes a launch config.

  -name     Required. Name of the launch config to delete

Returns true on success.

@asg = $ec2->describe_autoscaling_groups(-auto_scaling_group_names => \@names);

Returns information about autoscaling groups

  -auto_scaling_group_names     List of auto scaling groups to describe
  -names                        Alias of -auto_scaling_group_names

Returns a list of VM::EC2::ASG.

$success = $ec2->create_autoscaling_group(-name => $name, -launch_config => $lc, -max_size => $max_size, -min_size => $min_size);

Creates a new autoscaling group.

Required arguments:

  -name             Name for the autoscaling group
  -launch_config    Name of the launch configuration to be used
  -max_size         Max number of instances to be run at once
  -min_size         Min number of instances

Optional arguments:

  -availability_zones   List of availability zone names
  -load_balancer_names  List of ELB names
  -tags                 List of tags to apply to the instances run
  -termination_policies List of policy names
  -default_cooldown     Time in seconds between autoscaling activities
  -desired_capacity     Number of instances to be run after creation
  -health_check_type    One of "ELB" or "EC2"
  -health_check_grace_period    Mandatory for health check type ELB. Number of
                                seconds between an instance is started and the
                                autoscaling group starts checking its health
  -placement_group      Physical location of your cluster placement group
  -vpc_zone_identifier  Strinc containing a comma-separated list of subnet 

Returns true on success.

$success = $ec2->delete_autoscaling_group(-name => $name)

Deletes an autoscaling group.

  -name     Name of the autoscaling group to delete

Returns true on success.

$success = $ec2->update_autoscaling_group(-name => $name);

Updates an autoscaling group. Only required parameter is -name

Optional arguments:

  -availability_zones       List of AZ's
  -termination_policies     List of policy names

Returns true on success;

$success = $ec2->suspend_processes(-name => $asg_name, -scaling_processes => \@procs);

Suspend the requested autoscaling processes.

  -name                 Name of the autoscaling group
  -scaling_processes    List of process names to suspend. Valid processes are:

Returns true on success.

$success = $ec2->resume_processes(-name => $asg_name, -scaling_processes => \@procs);

Resumes the requested autoscaling processes. It accepts the same arguments than suspend_processes.

Returns true on success.

@arguments = $ec2->autoscaling_tags($argname, \%args)

@asg = $ec2->describe_policies(-auto_scaling_group_name => $name);

Returns information about autoscaling policies

  -auto_scaling_group_name      The name of the Auto Scaling group
  -policy_names                 An array of policy names or policy ARNs to be described. If this list is omitted, all policy names are described. If an auto scaling group name is provided, the results are limited to that group. The list of requested policy names cannot contain more than 50 items. If unknown policy names are requested, they are ignored with no error.
  -names                        Alias of -auto_scaling_group_names

Returns a list of VM::EC2::ScalingPolicy.

$success = $ec2->put_scaling_policy

Creates or updates a policy for an Auto Scaling group.

Required arguments:

  -policy_name             The name of the policy to update or create.
  -name                    Alias for -policy_name
  -auto_scaling_group_name The name or ARN of the Auto Scaling group.
  -scaling_adjustment      Number of instances by which to scale. 
  -adjustment_type         Specifies wheter -scaling_adjustment is an absolute 
                           number or a percentage of the current capacity.
                           Valid values are:

Optional arguments:

  -cooldown             The amount of time, in seconds, after a scaling
                        activity completes and before the next scaling acitvity
                        can start. 
  -min_adjustment_step  Used with PercentChangeInCapacity as -adjustment_type.

Returns true on success

$success = $ec2->delete_policy(-policy_name => $name)

Deletes a policy

Required arguments:

  -policy_name                  Name or ARN of the policy
  -name                         Alias for -policy_name
  -auto_scaling_group_name      Name of the Auto Scaling Group, required when
                                specifying policy by name (not by ARN)

Returns true on success

$success = $ec2->execute_policy(-policy_name => $name)

Runs a policy

Required arguments:

  -policy_name                  Name or ARN of the policy
  -name                         Alias for -policy_name
  -auto_scaling_group_name      Name of the Auto Scaling Group, required when
                                specifying policy by name (not by ARN)

Optional arguments:

  -honor_cooldown               Set to true if you want AutoScaling to reject
                                the request when it is in cooldown

Returns true on success




Lincoln Stein <lincoln.stein@gmail.com>.

Copyright (c) 2011 Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

This package and its accompanying libraries is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL (either version 1, or at your option, any later version) or the Artistic License 2.0. Refer to LICENSE for the full license text. In addition, please see DISCLAIMER.txt for disclaimers of warranty.