Workflow::Validator::HasRequiredField - Validator to ensure certain data are in the context


This documentation describes version 1.61 of this package


 # Validator is created automatically when you mark a field as
 # 'is_required=yes' in the action, such as:

 <action name="CreateUser">
    <field name="username"


This is a simple validator to ensure that each of the fields you have marked with the 'is_required' property as 'yes' are indeed present before the associated action is executed.

for instance, given the configuration:

 <action name="CreateUser">
    <field name="username"
    <field name="email"
    <field name="office">

An action executed with such a context:

 my $wf = FACTORY->get_workflow( $id );
 $wf->context( username => 'foo' );
 $wf->context( office => 'Ottumwa' );
 $wf->execute_action( 'CreateUser' );

Would fail with a message:

 The following fields require a value: email

You normally do not need to configure this validator yourself. It gets generated automatically when the Action configration is read in. However, if you do need to create it yourself:

 <action name='Foo'>
    <validator name="HasRequiredField">
       <arg value="fieldOne"/>
       <arg value="field_two"/>

Note that we do not try to match the value in the context against a set of known values or algorithm, just see if the value is defined -- using the Perl notion for defined rather than true/false, which means '0' and the empty string will both be valid.



Validates whether a given set of required fields are defined.

Takes two parameters: a workflow object and an array of names of fields.

The provided fields are matched against the workflow in question and Workflow::Exception's are thrown in case of missing fields.


Copyright (c) 2003-2022 Chris Winters. All rights reserved.

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