Brendan Byrd


Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::BBYRD - DZIL Author Bundle for BBYRD


    ; Very similar to...
    ; Makefile.PL maker
    first_version = 0.90
    ; File modifiers
    ; File pruners
    ; Extra file creation
    [ReadmeAnyFromPod / ReadmeHtmlInBuild]
    [ReadmeAnyFromPod / ReadmePodInBuild]
    ; t/* tests
    ; POD tests
    ;[Test::PodSpelling]  ; Win32 install problems
    ; Other xt/* tests
    ;[MetaTests]  ; until Test::CPAN::Meta supports 2.0
    trailing_whitespace = 0
    ;[Test::Pod::LinkCheck]  ; Both of these are borked...  
    ;[Test::Pod::No404s]     ; ...I really need to create my own
    ; Prereqs
    minimum_perl = 5.10.1
    ; META maintenance
    directory = t
    directory = xt
    directory = examples
    directory = corpus
    meta_noindex = 1        ; respect prior no_index directives
    x_irc          = irc://
    bugtracker.web =
    ; Post-build plugins
    move = .gitignore
    copy = README.pod
    ; Post-build Git plugins
    test_min_deps = 1
    release_branch = build/%b
    release_message = Release build of v%v (on %b)
    allow_dirty = dist.ini
    allow_dirty = .travis.yml
    allow_dirty = README.pod
    changelog =
    commit_msg = Release v%v
    push_to = origin
    push_to = origin build/master:build/master
    metacpan = 1
    ; PodWeaver deps
    ; authordep Pod::Weaver::Plugin::WikiDoc
    ; authordep Pod::Weaver::Plugin::Encoding
    ; authordep Pod::Weaver::Section::Availability
    ; authordep Pod::Weaver::Section::Support
    ; authordep Pod::Elemental::Transformer::List
    ; sanity deps
    ; authordep autovivification
    ; authordep indirect
    ; authordep multidimensional


L<sanity|I frelling hate these things>, but several releases in, I found myself needing to keep my C<dist.ini> stuff in sync, which requires a single module to bind them to.


I'm a strong believer in structured order in the chaos that is the CPAN namespace. There's enough cruft in CPAN, with all of the forked modules, legacy stuff that should have been removed 10 years ago, and confusion over which modules are available vs. which ones actually work. (Which all stem from the same base problem, so I'm almost repeating myself...)

Like I said, I hate writing these personalized modules on CPAN. I even bantered around the idea of using L<|MetaCPAN's author JSON input> to store the plugin data. However, keeping the Author plugins separated from the real PluginBundles is a step in the right direction. See L<Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::KENTNL/NAMING-SCHEME|KENTNL's comments on the Author namespace> for more information.


This uses L<Dist::Zilla::Role::PluginBundle::Merged>, so all of the plugins' arguments are available, using Merged's rules. Special care should be made with arguments that might not be unique with other plugins. (Eventually, I'll throw these into C<config_rename>.)

If this is a problem, you might want to consider using L<Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Filter|@Filter>.

One exception is C<x_irc>, which is detected and passed to L<Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaResourcesFromGit|MetaResourcesFromGit> properly.


In building my ultimate C<dist.ini> file, I did a bunch of research on which modules to cram in here. As a result, this is a pretty large set of plugins, but that's exactly how I like my DZIL. Feel free to research the modules listed here, as there's a bunch of good modules that you might want to include in your own C<dist.ini> and/or Author bundle.

Also, here's my C<profile.ini>, if you're interested:

    template =
    append_file = plugins.ini
    root = skel
    [GenerateFile / Generate-.gitignore]
    filename = .gitignore
    is_template = 1
    content = MANIFEST
    content = MANIFEST.bak
    content = Makefile
    content = Makefile.old
    content = Build
    content = Build.bat
    content = META.*
    content = MYMETA.*
    content = .build/
    content = _build/
    content = blib/
    content = inc/
    content = .lwpcookies
    content = .last_cover_stats
    content = nytprof.out
    content = pod2htm*.tmp
    content = pm_to_blib
    content = {{$dist->name}}-*
    content = {{$dist->name}}-*.tar.gz
    commit_message = Initial commit


Create a L<Pod::Weaver> author bundle.


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