Jesse Vincent


Jifty::Script::Env - access the Jifty environment


Loads Jifty and your configuration, allowing you to verify and examine your setup.


  jifty env <Class> <method> [arguments]

Loads Jifty::Class and calls method on it, providing shortcuts for things like:

  perl -MJifty::Util -e 'print Jifty::Util->share_root, "\n";'

The class and method can be combined with a '->' But, unquoted '>' is a redirect so simply use the '-' or '.' characters.

  jifty env  Util share_root
  jifty env 'Util->share_root'
  jifty env  Util.share_root

You may chain accessors. A leading dot also means the class is Jifty.

  jifty env Jifty.config.framework ApplicationName
  jifty env .config.framework ApplicationName

With no arguments, acts as 'jifty env Jifty.config.stash'.