App::Wubot::Reactor - runs reactive rules on a message


version 0.3.10


    use App::Wubot::Reactor;

    my $reactor = App::Wubot::Reactor->new();

    # run rules on message hash
    $reactor->react( $message_h, $rules_h );


App::Wubot::Reactor is the 'reactive' component of the wubot project. Given a message that was generated by a monitor, the reactor walks through a rule tree, and executes any rules whose conditions evaluate to true for the message.


react( $message, $rules, $depth )

Given a rule tree, check the condition at the root of the tree against the message. If no condition is set in the rule, or if there is a condition that evaluates as true, the plugin and/or rules defined on the rule will be evaluated.

This method is recursive. When a rule fires, if that rule contains a child 'rules' section, then the react() method will be called to process the child rules, and the 'depth' will be incremented. There is no need to pass in the 'depth' option when calling this method.

If the rule fires, and the 'last_rule' param is set on the rule, then the 'last_rule' field will be set on the message to prevent any further rules from being processed.

For more information, see App::Wubot::Guide::Rules.

initialize_plugin( $plugin )

Given the name of a reactor plugin, load the plugin's class and create an instance of the plugin.

run_plugin( $rulename, $message, $plugin, $config )

Given a rule name, a message, the plugin class configured on the rule, and any plugin configuration defined in the rule, call the 'react' method on the plugin and return the results.

find_plugins( $rules )

Recurse through the rule tree to find a list of all unique plugin classes that are referenced. This makes it possible to initialize each plugin without having to wait for a rule that references the plugin to fire.

This was created for reactor plugins that contain a 'monitor' method that should be run at regular intervals. Without initializing the reactor class on startup, the 'monitor' method would not get called until a message came through that caused the a rule referencing the plugin to fire.


Calls the monitor() method on every reactor plugin referenced in the rule tree that has a 'monitor' method.

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