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Test::Apocalypse - Apocalypse's favorite tests bundled into a simple interface
Test::Apocalypse::AutoLoader - Plugin for Test::AutoLoader
Test::Apocalypse::CPANMeta - Plugin for Test::CPAN::Meta
Test::Apocalypse::CPANMeta_JSON - Plugin for Test::CPAN::Meta
Test::Apocalypse::CPANMeta_YAML - Plugin for Test::CPAN::Meta
Test::Apocalypse::CheckChanges - Plugin for Test::CheckChanges
Test::Apocalypse::Compile - Plugin for Test::Compile
Test::Apocalypse::ConsistentVersion - Plugin for Test::ConsistentVersion
Test::Apocalypse::DOSnewline - Plugin to detect presence of DOS newlines
Test::Apocalypse::Dependencies - Plugin to check for metadata dependencies
Test::Apocalypse::DirChecks - Plugin for Test::Dir
Test::Apocalypse::DistManifest - Plugin for Test::DistManifest
Test::Apocalypse::EOL - Plugin for Test::EOL
Test::Apocalypse::FileChecks - Plugin to test for file sanity
Test::Apocalypse::FilePortability - Plugin for Test::Portability::Files
Test::Apocalypse::Fixme - Plugin for Test::Fixme
Test::Apocalypse::HasVersion - Plugin for Test::HasVersion
Test::Apocalypse::Kwalitee - Plugin for Test::Kwalitee
Test::Apocalypse::MinimumVersion - Plugin for Test::MinimumVersion
Test::Apocalypse::NoBreakpoints - Plugin for Test::NoBreakpoints
Test::Apocalypse::NoPlan - Plugin for Test::NoPlan
Test::Apocalypse::OutdatedPrereqs - Plugin to detect outdated prereqs
Test::Apocalypse::PPPort - Plugin to test for Devel::PPPort warnings
Test::Apocalypse::PerlCritic - Plugin for Test::Perl::Critic
Test::Apocalypse::PerlMetrics - Plugin for Perl::Metrics::Simple
Test::Apocalypse::Pod - Plugin for Test::Pod
Test::Apocalypse::Pod_CommonMistakes - Plugin for Test::Pod::Spelling::CommonMistakes
Test::Apocalypse::Pod_Coverage - Plugin for Test::Pod::Coverage
Test::Apocalypse::Pod_LinkCheck - Plugin for Test::Pod::LinkCheck
Test::Apocalypse::Pod_No404s - Plugin for Test::Pod::No404s
Test::Apocalypse::Pod_Spelling - Plugin for Test::Spelling
Test::Apocalypse::Script - Plugin for Test::Script
Test::Apocalypse::Signature - Plugin for Test::Signature
Test::Apocalypse::Strict - Plugin for Test::Strict
Test::Apocalypse::Synopsis - Plugin for Test::Synopsis
Test::Apocalypse::UnusedVars - Plugin for Test::Vars
Changes for version 1.002
    • Released: 2011-04-21 21:49:46 UTC
    • Add more default exclusions to the Perl::Critic default .perlcriticrc
    • Tweaked the OutdatedPrereqs test *again* so it FAILs if a prereq version is higher than found on CPAN
    • Tweaked the Dependencies test so it correctly processes found prereqs that has no version

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