Changes for version 0.60 - 2020-08-23

  • Bump Filter::signatures prerequisite to 0.16 This is because we create too many strings so (some versions of) Filter::Simple create placeholder strings that look like (in)valid subroutine signatures. This prerequisite matches these placeholders in a stricter way.


asynchronous dispatcher for the DevTools protocol
wrapper for talking to a page in a Target
choose the best transport backend
AnyEvent backend for Chrome communication
Mojolicious backend for Chrome communication
IO::Async backend for Chrome communication
choose the best pipe transport backend
EXPERIMENTAL Local pipe backend for Chrome communication
EXPERIMENTAL Local pipe backend for Chrome communication
retrieve cookies from a live Chrome instance
automate the Chrome browser
Getting things done with WWW::Mechanize::Chrome
Domain Specific Language for short scripts
WWW::Mechanize::Chrome example programs.
represent a Chrome HTML node in Perl
Things to watch out for
blacklist URLs from fetching


in lib/Chrome/DevToolsProtocol/Transport/