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Changes for version 0.08190_01

  • New Features / Changes
    • Add quote_names connection option. When set to true automatically sets quote_char and name_sep appropriate for your RDBMS
    • Add retrieve_on_insert column info flag, allowing to retrieve any column value instead of just autoinc primary keys
    • Bring back strict ordering of selectors in complex search chains (an ill-fated attempt was made in 0.08127 to order intelligently)
    • All limit dialects (except for the older Top and FetchFirst) are now using bind parameters for the limits/offsets, making DBI's prepare_cached useful across paged resutsets
    • Support for savepoints for SQLite
    • Support for MS Access databases via DBD::ODBC and DBD::ADO (only Win32 support currently tested)
    • Support for the Firebird RDBMS over the new DBD::Firebird driver
    • IC::DateTime support for MSSQL over DBD::ADO
    • Both the ::ODBC and ::ADO dispatchers now warn if a rdbms-specific driver is not found for this connection before falling back to plain ::Storage::DBI
    • ::Storage::DBI::sth was mistakenly marked/documented as public, privatize and warn on deprecated use
    • Massive overhaul of bind values/attributes handling - slightly changes the output of as_query (should not cause compat issues)
    • Support ancient DB2 versions (5.4 and older), with proper limit dialect
    • Support sub-second precision for TIMESTAMPs for Firebird over ODBC
    • Support BLOBs and CLOBs in WHERE clauses for Oracle, including LIKE queries for CLOBs.
  • Fixes
    • Fix ::Storage::DBI::* MRO problems on 5.8.x perls
    • Disable mysql_auto_reconnect for MySQL - depending on the ENV it sometimes defaults to on and causes major borkage on older DBD::mysql versions
    • Fix dropped bind values in select/group_by on Oracle (omission from 0542ec57 and 4c2b30d6)
    • Fix remaining errors with Oracle and identifiers longer than the Oracle-imposed maximum of 30 characters (RT#66390)
    • Fix older oracle-specific "WhereJoins" to work properly with name quoting
    • Fix problems with M.A.D. under CGI::SpeedyCGI (RT#65131)
    • Reenable paging of cached resultsets - breakage erroneously added in 0.08127
    • Better error handling when prepare() fails silently
    • Fixes skipped lines when a comment is followed by a statement when deploying a schema via sql file
    • Fix reverse_relationship_info on prototypical result sources (sources not yet registered with a schema)
    • Warn and skip relationships missing from a partial schema during dbic cascade_delete
    • Automatically require the requested cursor class before use (RT#64795)
    • Work around a Firebird ODBC driver bug exposed by DBD::ODBC 1.29
    • Fix (to the extent allowed by the driver) transaction support in DBD::Sybase compiled against FreeTDS
    • Fix exiting via next warnings in ResultSource::sequence()
    • Fix stripping of table qualifiers in update/delete in arrayref condition elements
    • Change SQLMaker carp-monkeypatch to be compatible with versions of SQL::Abstract >= 1.73
    • Fix using \[] literals in the from resultset attribute
    • Fix populate() with \[], arrays (datatype) and other exotic values
    • Fix handling of rollbacks in nested transactions
    • Fix complex limits (RNO/RowNum/FetchFirst/Top/GenSubq) with sub-selects in the selectors list (correlated subqueries)
    • Fix inconsistency between $rs->next with and without HRI when all the "root" columns are in fact injected from the right rs side
    • Fix the join optimizer to correctly preserve the non-multi path to a multi relationship ( x -> might_have y -> has_many z )
    • Fix object-derived custom-relationship resultsets to resultsources with multilevel monikers (e.g. $schema->source('Foo::Bar') )
    • Fix incorrect signature of the default sqlt_deploy_hook - it now matches the documentation of passing in the result source object
    • Fix inadequate handling of internal storage methods within ::Storage::Replicated (RT#66295)
  • Misc
    • Rewire all warnings to a new Carp-like implementation internal to DBIx::Class, and remove the Carp::Clan dependency
    • Only load Class::C3 and friends if necessary ($] < 5.010)
    • Greatly reduced loading of non-essential modules to aid startup time (mainly benefiting CGI users)
    • Make sure all namespaces are clean of rogue imports
    • Dropped DBI req 2 years back - everything works with 1.57, no point requiring something newer
  • 0.08190-TRIAL 2011-01-24 15:35 (UTC)
    • New Features / Changes
      • Support for completely arbitrary SQL::Abstract-based conditions in all types of relationships
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