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Toby Inkster
Moops::Manual::Objects101 - an introduction to object oriented programming using Moops
Moops - Moops Object-Oriented Programming Sugar
MooseX::FunctionParametersInfo - make Function::Parameters::info() data available within the meta object protocol
PerlX::Assert - yet another assertion keyword
PerlX::Define - cute syntax for defining constants
Moops::ImportSet in lib/Moops/ImportSet.pm
Moops::Keyword in lib/Moops/Keyword.pm
Moops::Keyword::Class in lib/Moops/Keyword/Class.pm
Moops::Keyword::Library in lib/Moops/Keyword/Library.pm
Moops::Keyword::Role in lib/Moops/Keyword/Role.pm
Moops::MethodModifiers in lib/Moops/MethodModifiers.pm
Moops::Parser in lib/Moops/Parser.pm
Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::assertions in lib/Moops/TraitFor/Keyword/assertions.pm
Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::dirty in lib/Moops/TraitFor/Keyword/dirty.pm
Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::fp in lib/Moops/TraitFor/Keyword/fp.pm
Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::mutable in lib/Moops/TraitFor/Keyword/mutable.pm
Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::ro in lib/Moops/TraitFor/Keyword/ro.pm
Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::rw in lib/Moops/TraitFor/Keyword/rw.pm
Moops::TraitFor::Keyword::rwp in lib/Moops/TraitFor/Keyword/rwp.pm
MooseX::FunctionParametersInfo::Trait::Method in lib/MooseX/FunctionParametersInfo.pm
MooseX::FunctionParametersInfo::Trait::WrappedMethod in lib/MooseX/FunctionParametersInfo.pm
Changes for version 0.031
  • Documentation
    • Fix typo in manual. Fixes RT#93553. Ron Savage++ <https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=93553>
    • Use the `true` constant instead of the number 1 in the cli-app.pl example.
  • Other
    • Added: The new import parameter `-strict` enables loading strictures.pm within Moops scopes.
    • Avoid returning 0 from `assert` statements (PerlX::Assert).
    • Use Parse::Keyword instead of Devel::Pragma in order to establish the currently compiling package name. Devel::Pragma has issues under ithreads. Piers Cawley++
  • Test Suite
    • Test Moops in threaded Perls. Aaron James Trevena++

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