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brian d foy
Chemistry::Elements - Perl extension for working with Chemical Elements
MyCPAN::Indexer - Index a Perl distribution
MyCPAN::Indexer::Component - base class for MyCPAN components
MyCPAN::Indexer::Coordinator - Provide a way for the various components to communicate
MyCPAN::Indexer::Dispatcher::Parallel - Pass out work to sub-processes
MyCPAN::Indexer::Dispatcher::Serial - Pass out work in the same process
MyCPAN::Indexer::Interface::ANSIText - Present the run info as colored text
MyCPAN::Indexer::Interface::Curses - Present the run info in a terminal
MyCPAN::Indexer::Interface::Text - Present the run info as plain text
MyCPAN::Indexer::Interface::Tk - Index a Perl distribution
MyCPAN::Indexer::Notes - Tiny class for MyCPAN component note passing
MyCPAN::Indexer::NullTester - Do nothing components
MyCPAN::Indexer::Queue - Find distributions to index
MyCPAN::Indexer::Reporter::AsYAML - Save the result as a YAML file
MyCPAN::Indexer::Reporter::Base - Common bits for MyCPAN reporter classes
MyCPAN::Indexer::TestCensus - Count the Test modules used in test suites
MyCPAN::Indexer::Tutorial - How the backpan_indexer.pl pieces fit together
MyCPAN::Indexer::Worker - Do the indexing
Test::Pod - check for POD errors in files UNAUTHORIZED
MyCPAN::App::BackPAN::Indexer in lib/App/Indexer.pm
Changes for version 1.28
  • With organize_dists, reorganize in backpan_dir instead of the
    • current working directory. The index files show up in there,
    • so the dists need to be there too.

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