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Changes for version 1.06 - 2004-12-08

    • Now uses the C<base> pragma instead of setting C<@ISA>.

Changes for version 1.05_04 - 2004-11-05

    • Added WWW::Mechanize::Image object for representing images.
    • Improved the regex on the URL for META tags.
    • Added --images flag to mech-dump.
    • When parsing urls out of meta refresh tags, "url" may now be uppercase (RT#8230)
    • Behavior of back() fixed in a number of cases (RT#8109 reported by Josh Purinton, patched by Dominique Quatravaux)
    • Mark figured out to how to prevent his text editor from putting tabs into the code. Andy's blood pressure dropped slightly.

Changes for version 1.05_03 - 2004-10-31

    • click_button() has a new input option for HTML::Form::SubmitInput objects (DOMQ)
    • content() has new options to return the page formatted as text, with a <base href> added. (RT#8087, patch by Dominique Quatravaux)
    • update_html() method has been added, which can be used to modify the HTML that Mech parses. It should be sub-classed instead of _parse_html(), which has been deprecated. (RT#8087, patch by Dominique Quatravaux)
    • select() has new option to select an option by number (RT#5789, Scott Lanning)
    • WWW::Mechanize::Link now has support providing all the attributes of the link through a new attrs() method, which returns them as a hashref. This is a replacement for the alt() method, added in 1.05_01. It's not backwards compatible with that, but, hey, that's what developer releases are for. (RT#8092, Rob Casey and Mark Stosberg)
    • Upload <input type="file" ... > does not use the default value to prevent attacks, patch by Jan Pazdziora (RT #7843).
    • Improved tests and documentation for select() (RT#5789, Scott Lanning)
    • Improve taint-safeness on Perl 5.6.1 (RT#8042, patch by Dominique Quatravaux)
    • Added tests for click_button() (RT#8061, by Dominique Quatravaux)
    • Require URI 1.25, fixing bug which exposed itself in WWW::Mechanize (RT#3048)
    • Move select() to better location in docs. Document and test the return values. The return value is now "1" on success instead of the undocumented behavior of returning a form value. (RT#6138, spotted by MJD, patched by Mark Stosberg)
    • Possible matching tags for the find_link() 'tag_regex' attribute are now documented. (RT#2989, by Mark Stosberg)
    • refactored find_link() to avoid use of eval(). This should improve performance a bit and avoid potential security issues. (Mark Stosberg)

Changes for version 1.05_02 - 2004-10-02

    • Added the $mech->save_content( $filename ) function, so you can dump stuff to files easily.

Changes for version 1.05_01 - 2004-09-30

    • set_visible() doesn't stop setting values when it finds a zero.
    • WWW::Mechanize::Link has a new, easier to remember constructor interface. The old one is still supported. Support for including an 'alt' attribute was added, which is useful for <area> links. (RT #3317). Thanks to Mark Stosberg.
    • When links are extracted from <area> tags, the ALT attribute will be captured and become part of the WWW::Mechanize::Link object. (RT #3317). Patch by Mark Stosberg.
    • t/mech-dump.t is now more portable (RT #7690)
    • t/local/follow.t has new tests to confirm that 'follow*' functions work with characters like o-umlaut, even when the o-umlaut is encoded in the HTML, but not in the call to follow(). (RT #2416) By Mark Stosberg.


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