Changes for version 1.904

  • added $process->{hadErrors} = 1 to missing exception places in EAI::Wrap; added resetting of process{successfullyDone, filesProcessed and filenames}; simplified retrySeconds calculation; reduced extractArchives to only one archive per process (as this is checked before and needed for simplification); fixed endTime calculation; fixed filesToArchive; fixed suppressGetError for multiple Files in EAI::FTP::fetchFiles; added enforceConn and second hostkey to EAI::FTP::login; fixed environment setting of redoDir, logRootPath, historyFolder and historyFolderUpload; made selection of multiple entries determinate for explicitly enumerated lookups in config{checkLookup} (using reverse sort); added alreadyProcessedLogErrors check for avoiding multiple log check errors (including removal of yesterdays alreadyProcessedLogErrors check file and "successful for originally failed" message)


checks Log-entries at given times
small UI for setting debug levels and appenders for the various loggers (main script, and each EAI::Wrap package)


Common parts for the EAI::Wrap package
Database wrapper functions (for DBI / DBD::ODBC)
Date and Time helper functions for EAI::Wrap
wrapper for Net::SFTP::Foreign and Net::FTP
read/parse Files from the filesystem or write to the filesystem
framework for easy creation of Enterprise Application Integration tasks


in lib/EAI/