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Steven Haryanto
peri_htserve - Serve Perl modules over HTTP(S) using the Riap::HTTP protocol
Perinci::Access::HTTP::Server - PSGI application to implement Riap::HTTP
Perinci::Access::Patch::PeriAHS - Add extra actions to Perinci::Access::Base
Plack::Middleware::PeriAHS::CheckAccess - Deny access based on some criteria
Plack::Middleware::PeriAHS::ParseRequest - Parse Riap request from HTTP request
Plack::Middleware::PeriAHS::Respond - Send Riap request to Riap server and send the response to client
Plack::Util::PeriAHS - Utility routines
Perinci::Access::Base in lib/Perinci/Access/Patch/PeriAHS.pm
Plack::Middleware::PeriAHS::Authz::ACL in lib-not_implemented/Plack/Middleware/PeriAHS/Authz/ACL.pm
Plack::Middleware::PeriAHS::LimitRate in lib-not_implemented/Plack/Middleware/PeriAHS/LimitRate.pm
Changes for version 0.14
    • No functional changes. Small fixes and tweaks, e.g. respect 'Accept'
    • request header, require at least one module in 'peri-htserve', etc.

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