Changes for version 0.056

  • Important:
  • This version of Pinto is not compatible with repositories that were created with prior versions. Please contact if you need to migrate an old repository.
  • New Features:
  • Added the Replace action, which substitues one dist for another on all stacks. You'll need to upgrade App::Pinto to get the corresponding 'replace' command.
  • Other Changes:
  • Significantly improved performance, especially for large repositories. Pinto can now hold the *entire* CPAN (not just the tip) and still perform reasonably well.
  • Changed the way prereqs are discovered. We now trust the dist's own META to tell us the prereqs, rather than configuring the dist directly. This is much faster and usually just as accurate. The only casualties are old dists that don't have a META file, or ones that compute prereqs dynamically during configuration. So it ain't perfect, but it is probably good enough.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Pinto can now cope with distributions that contain no packages. These are relatively rare but they do exist on CPAN, usualy in the form of distributions that contain only scripts.
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