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Changes for version 0.097_01

    • This release contains a lot of new features. I strongly recommend reading the manual pages for the "pull", "add", "log", and "diff" commands as well as "pinto" itself for further explanation of the enhancements mentioned below.
    • Pinto now uses a web service provided by stratopan.com to locate upstream packages and distributions. This can reduce memory consumption during the "pull" and "add" commands by about 50%. And for distributions with few dependencies, it can increase the speed of those commands by as much as 300%. This feature is enabled by default for new repositories. For existing repositories it must be enabled manually.
    • The "pull" command can now fetch a precise version of a package using a version specification string such as "Moose==1.34" or "Plack>=2,!=4". This means you can quickly build a repository with your current depedencies and you only need to know the package name and version. This feature only works if http://cpan.stratopan.com is your upstream source.
    • The "pull" and "add" commands now have a --skip-prerequisite flag that causes it to skip (but warn about) any prerequisite packages that it cannot satisfy. You can use it to specify precisely which packages to skip, or to skip all unsatisfiable packages. This option only has effect when recursively pulling prerequisites.
    • When using the --dry-run option, a diff report will be displayed, showing all the changes that would have been made. If there were no changes, nothing is shown.
    • The diff reports now default to a concise format which only lists the distributions that have changed in the index rather than each package.
    • All commands that show diff reports now have a --diff-style option that controls whether to display the concise or detailed report. You can also set the default style using the PINTO_DIFF_STYLE environment variable.
    • The "log" command now has a --with-diffs (or -d) option that causes it to also display the diff from the previous revision.
    • Pinto can now handle META files that contain prerequisites with version ranges such as ">4, !=5, <=7". These are currently used by a handful of distributions on CPAN, and they are gradually becoming more common.
    • The default upstream repository has been changed from cpan.perl.org to www.cpan.org. The latter uses DNS magic to balance load and redirect to the mirror closest to your location. This only affects new repositories. You can change an existing repository by editing the .pinto/config/pinto.ini file inside the repository directory.
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