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Changes for version 0.09993

    • The protocol used to communicate with a remote Pinto repository is now versioned with media types via the "Accept" header. So if you upgrade to this version of pinto, you'll also need to upgrade pintod to this same version. Going forward, the protocol will be versioned so that we can potentially support different versions of the client and server at the same time. But for the time being, you'll get an exception telling you whether to upgrade your client (pinto) or the server (pintod).
    • The PINTO_COLORS and PINTO_COLOURS environment variables are deprecated in favor of PINTO_PALETTE. You can still use the old names for now, but they will be removed in a future release.
    • When using the --all option with the "list" command, the default format shows the pin status as "?" (i.e. indeterminable) instead of showing the main module status.
    • Colorization is now disabled by default when the output is being piped or redirected to a file. This improves interoperability with tools like grep, sort, etc. To force colorization, use the --color or --colour option. Fixes GH #155. Thanks @mar-kolya.
    • The "roots" will now include test and develop prereqs, since Pinto has no way of knowing how those distributions relate to your application. This fixes GH #158. Thanks @mar-kolya.
  • Fixed timezone.t test which would fail in some cases, ostensibly because the test environment would not allow us to open sockets (probably due to security reasons). Thanks CPAN Testers.
      • When using the "add" command, the paths to the local archives can now be expressed using file:/// URLs.
      • The PINTO_PAGER_OPTIONS environment variable can now be used to pass specific options to your pager when using it with pinto. For example, to tell `less` to display colors.
      • Revised the Tutorial and QuickStart documentation.
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