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Changes for version 0.79 - 2024-04-21

  • Compatibility Deprecation Warning
    • Please not that the following have been changed and the old version my be removed in an upcoming release.
    • Net::SAML2::Protocol::Artifact
      • response_to changed to in_response_to
    • Net::SAML2::Protocol::LogoutResponse
      • response_to changed to in_response_to
  • Significant Changes
    • Implement a new Response object that properly deals with Responses that lack Assertions
    • Metadata fixes:
      • Move boolean values to literals
      • Fix KeyDescriptor when only one key exists
  • Detailed Change Log
    • bbb127d Revert and standardize substatus spelling
    • 2fadb47 Update for in_response_to changes
    • e0efd64 Quiet perlcritic and podcoverage tests
    • 001d34a Update required version URN::OASIS::SAML2
    • ecee0e3 Remove warnings from testsuite
    • 971434a Add Object::Response to Net::SAML2
    • 90d2c80 Add in_response_to to Role::ProtocolMessage
    • fa5a690 Remove NAME sections in modules
    • ca4fcda Add addtional test for NameID formats
    • 67438b5 Correctly test NameID attributes
    • a7dac91 Use method, not Moose interals in tests
    • bcfc4d2 Fix boolean values for integrations with crappy IdP's
    • 70adeb6 Remove code for old builders
    • 3c87e51 Don't mention key usage unless we have both signing and encryption
    • 239d1b4 Increment repo version
    • eff3908 v0.78


SAML2 bindings and protocol implementation
An attribute consuming service object
HTTP POST binding for SAML
HTTP Redirect binding for SAML
SOAP binding for SAML
SAML Identity Provider object
A response object
SAML2 artifact object
ArtifactResolve protocol class
SAML2 assertion object
SAML2 AuthnRequest object
SAML2 LogoutRequest Protocol object
SAML2 LogoutResponse Protocol object
RequestedAttribute class
Common behaviour for Protocol messages
A role to verify the SAML response XML
SAML Service Provider object
Custom Moose types for Net::SAML2
Utility functions for Net::SAML2
Net::SAML2 subclass of XML::Sig
XML Util class