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Changes for version 0.5.0 - 2012-07-13

  • moved wubot web ui out of core and into WubotX
  • added ~/.wubotrc to configure wubot paths
    • created automatically if it doesn't already exist
  • added indexes to some sql tables
  • increased message queue polling intervals
    • better performance thanks to indexes
    • note: please make sure to copy the new wubot schemas into ~/wubot/schemas
  • use AnyEvent timers to schedule checks rather than internal scheduling
  • extract age colors generation into App::Wubot::Util::AgeColor
    • fully configurable age colors
  • lots of other minor changes, please see history on github


unified wubot command line interface - under construction
perform a single check of an instance of a plugin
perform a single check of an instance of a plugin
start the wubot monitoring process
start the wubot reactor process
monitoring arduino sensor data
guide for debugging feeds
example fu for handling feeds
monitoring and reacting to a feed
guide for using wubot
overview of the monitor plugins
guide for running multiple communicating bots
guide to using notifications
overview of the reactor plugins
rule field description
guide to using wubot to monitor tasks
guide for using the wubot web interface


personal distributed reactive automation
perform checks for an instance of a monitor
evaluation conditions on reactor rules
read wubot plugin configuration
add or remove messages from a local wubot SQLite message queue
wubot logging library
send a message once per minute
role for plugins that need to cache data between runs
a role that should be used by all wubot plugins
monitor results of SQLite queries
a plugin for reading from stdin
a plugin for testing purposes
check that system time is accurate
fetch content from a URL
monitor a web page for items matching a regexp
runs reactive rules on a message
capture data from a field using a regexp
clean a field using a regexp
display a notification to stdout
copy the value from one field to another field
remove a field from the message
display the contents of a field or an entire message
strip HTML data from a field
map the value of one field to a value for another using a lookup table
search for an appropriate icon for a message
strip image tags from a field
store messages in a App::Wubot::LocalMessageStore queue
insert or update a message in a SQLite table row
delete a row from a SQLite table
set one or more fields on the message to a configured value
split a CSV field on a message out into multiple other fields
keep track of check statuses
build a field using existing message fields as a template
use a regexps to transform the data in a field
try to identify user from the 'username' field
fetch data from a URL
the wubot library for working with SQLite
schedule events using AnyEvent timers
define colors based on the age of items
color themes for wubot
under construction
follow the tail of a growing file
utilities for dealing with time durations
fetch content from the web
WubotX extensions manager
read ~/.wubotrc