Changes for version 7.8

  • Change: 7dbb50ff27914898417120f617def09279f8adc0 Author: Brad Lhotsky <> Date : 2020-09-16 11:12:23 +0000
    • Better handling of percentages
    • For `--top` queries, be consistent about handling of the number of decimal places. Default to showing 3 digits to the right of the decimal, but allow a user to override it with `--precision`.
    • Show the percentages in the summary when using `--days` greater than 1.
    • Update the documentation.
  • Change: e55ca5e32f64bc10c1def43c4766b93fe1430679 Author: Brad Lhotsky <> Date : 2020-09-04 13:00:37 +0000
    • Add percentages to aggs
    • Whenever an aggregation is used, output the percentage from 0-1 with the doc count. Additionally, in sub aggs, calculate the percentage of the parent bucket.
  • Change: 27a31a79da70aef08ec04586b9496160f2127007 Author: Brad Lhotsky <> Date : 2020-06-08 09:52:42 +0000
    • Remove the HOME paths from the lookup
    • In the previous release, I added a check for the HOME environment variable, but I neglected to remove the originals from the search path.


Allow easy alias management for daily indexes
Run to apply a JSON list of settings to indexes matching a pattern
Copy an index from one cluster to another
Run to prune old indexes and optimize existing
Dynamically gather metrics and send to graphite
Report and manage index blocks
ElasticSearch Nagios Checks
Listing the nodes in a cluster with some details
Open any closed indices matching your paramters.
Provides a CLI for quick searches of data in ElasticSearch daily indexes
Simple ElaticSearch Status Checks
Index Storage Overview by Index Name without Dates


Utilities for Monitoring ElasticSearch
Abstract the connection element
Allow for strange content elements for Elasticsearch APIs
Object representing ES Queries
Provides a prefix of '=' to use the term filter
Mostly fixing case and tracking dangling words
Build a terms query from unique values in a column of a file
Expand IP CIDR Notation to ES ranges
Implement the proposed Elasticsearch nested query syntax
Moo::Role for implementing QueryString Plugins
Implement parsing comparison operators to Equivalent Lucene syntax
Fix version issues to support all the things
Types for working with ElasticSearch