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Changes for version 0.5 - 2015-08-02

  • Bug Fix - Crash on boot with missing ALSA device #54 Add YouTube Streaming Capability #80


eventstreamr - Daemon that runs the Orchestrator
eventstreamr-api - Provides a REST like API for EventStreamr
station-devmon - Monitor Syslog for device events
station-mgr - Core Station Manager script


Conference Mixing/Streaming Orchestrator
A config object
A DVswitch Standby Process
Wait for DVswitch Mixer to Start
A DVswitch Standby Process
A YouTube Stream Process
Devices Methods
A Ingest object
A Test Ingest Process
An EventStreamr API Process
An EventStreamr API Process
A process object
Logging for EventStreamr
A status object
An EventStreamr Sync Process