App::EventStreamr - Conference Mixing/Streaming Orchestrator


version 0.5


  use App::EventStreamr;

  my $eventstreamr = App::EventStreamr->new();


Born due to the instability of DVswitch, EventStreamr attempts to remove the time consuming process that is connecting up all the devices and ensuring they stay connected.

First you should configure the system, although if using in conjunction with the frontend it will provide a number of useful defaults.

  eventstreamr --configure

Once configured you can add 'eventstreamr' as a startup process or launch from the cli.



Jason Nicholls for finding all the bugs and writing the status display.

Luke John for all the help with the frontend code.

BUGS/Feature Requests

Please submit any bugs, feature requests to .

Contributions are more than welcome! I am aware that Dist::Zilla comes with quite a dependency chain, so feel free to submit pull request with code + explanation of what you are trying to achieve and I will test and likely implement them.

Known Issues

Daemon dies when alsa device isn't present on start - Workaround: Ensure all configured ALSA devices are plugged in on boot

Correctly Restart on Date Change - Workaround: Reboot or Restart the EventStreamr Daemon (pressing update from the controller will restart it)


Leon Wright < >


This software is Copyright (c) 2014 by Leon Wright.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3, November 2007