Changes for version 0.05 - 2018-07-02

  • Typo in text field


MuForm manual
Cookbook recipes for using MuForm
form defaults documentation
MuForm error methods
brief documentation of available fields
Changes from FormHandler to MuForm
Overriding or supplementing form processing
introduction to using MuForm
Rendering documentation
Transformation of field inputs and values


Data validator and form processor
common role
Base field package
a true or false field
field consisting of subfields
compound DateTime field
US currency-like values
a date field with formats
display only field
validates email using Email::Valid
validate a float value
validate an integer value
multiple select list
repeatable (array) field
used internally by repeatable fields
file upload field
Common attributes and methods for forms and compound fields
internal hash merging
Meta magic to create 'has_fields'
Base Model role
stub for Object model
params handling
Role to incluse a token for csrf protection
provides is_html method used in tests
Type::Tiny types