Data::MuForm::Field::Password - password field


version 0.05


The password field has a default minimum length of 6, which can be easily changed:

  has_field 'password' => ( type => 'Password', minlength => 7 );

It does not come with additional default checks, since password requirements vary so widely. There are a few constraints in the Data::MuForm::Types modules which could be used with this field: NoSpaces, WordChars, NotAllDigits. These constraints can be used in the field definitions 'apply':

   use Data::MuForm::Types ('NoSpaces', 'WordChars', 'NotAllDigits' );
   has_field 'password' => ( type => 'Password',
          apply => [ NoSpaces, WordChars, NotAllDigits ],

If a password field is not required and nothing has been submitted, then the field will be marked 'no_update' to keep from overwriting a password in the database will a null.


Gerda Shank


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