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Changes for version 0.02 - 2009-05-27

  • driver initialization and inheritance code is rewritten from scratch
  • routing code removed from core (routing is done using special drivers)
  • debugging package now uses javascript for output
  • a lot of bugfixes


Eidolon application code generator.


web application framework.
Eidolon application base class.
base class for application controllers (only when Eidolon::Driver::Router::Basic router driver is used).
common gateway interface functions for Eidolon.
generic configuration of the Eidolon application.
base exception class for Eidolon.
exception builder for Eidolon.
Eidolon core exception list.
Eidolon driver loader.
global data storage for the Eidolon application.
Eidolon debugging facility.
Eidolon generic driver.
Eidolon generic database driver.
Eidolon database driver exceptions.
Eidolon driver exceptions.
Eidolon generic log driver.
Eidolon log driver exceptions.
Eidolon generic router driver.
Eidolon router driver exceptions.
Eidolon generic template driver.
Eidolon template driver exceptions.
Eidolon generic user driver.
Eidolon user driver exceptions.
system-wide error handler.