Eidolon - web application framework.


Eidolon is intended to turn a headache of web user interface development into something easy and full of fun. The main goal of the project is to ease the creation of various web-based backends and systems such as project management systems, customer relationship management systems, online payment services and so on. You can use Eidolon for web site creation too, but it isn't recommended - try to use another powerful tools, that are intended for this task (for example, Typo3 CMF, Movable Type or, say, Wordpress).

Yet another Perl framework? What for?

There is a lot of another Perl frameworks today - Jifty, Hyper, Konstrukt, Rose, RWDE, Gantry, Catalyst, BlackFramework, etc. Some of them have too much dependencies, some take too much time to do easy things, some force you to use only one way to do something (is it Perl or what?!), some of them are already unsupported, some are too complicated and have a confusing API... all of this was the cause of the Eidolon birth.


  • Small core

    There is only 8 core packages that occupy approximately 45 Kb of disk space, including POD sections and various comments. It means that anyone can easily understand how the core works, which algorithms it uses, what it can do and what it can't.

  • Object oriented API

    Eidolon is almost fully object oriented (except Eidolon::Debug package), each class is well-documented in awful English.

  • CGI and FastCGI support

    Eidolon applications can work both in CGI and FastCGI mode. For FastCGI applications support you need FCGI module to be installed.

  • A few dependencies

    Eidolon mostly depends on Perl core modules. There are two modules required, that are not installed with Perl distribution by default - DBI and Class::Accessor::Fast.


    There is more than one way to do it. Larry presented this ability to all of us, so keeping this principle is the sign of our respect.

  • Code generator

    The code generator will help you to create the application skeleton, so you won't need to make applications from scratch.


Please note that Eidolon core API is subject to change until 0.10 version release.

SEE ALSO, Eidolon::Application - official project web page.


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Anton Belousov, <>


Copyright (c) 2009, Atma 7,