Eidolon::Debug - Eidolon debugging facility.


In CGI/FCGI gateway of your application (index.cgi/index.fcgi) write:

    use Eidolon::Debug;


The Eidolon::Debug package provides an easy way to avoid a confusing Internal Server Error web server message. It sends HTTP header before displaying an error, so you don't need to dig web-server's log to find the cause of the error anymore. Obviously, it will do nothing if error is in your web-server configuration, so if Internal Server Error message still remains, check your web-server configuration. Also, this package displays a stack trace when application dies. It is very useful in application development, so Eidolon::Debug is included in applications by default.

This package doesn't depend on any other Eidolon package, so you can use it outside Eidolon applications too.

While used, Eidolon::Debug hooks global die and warn subroutines, so be careful using other packages, that modify or depend on $SIG{"__DIE__"} and $SIG{"__WARN__"} handlers.



Start a javascript debugging console. Prints a minimal HTTP header and javascript code, so further error and warning messages could be displayed in nice-looking form.


Get subroutine call stack. Returns reference to array of hashrefs, each hashref stands for one level of the call stack. This hashref contains the following data:

  • package

    Package name, where error has been occured.

  • file

    File name, where error has been occured.

  • line

    Line number, which caused program to die.

  • sub

    Subroutine name, where error has been occured.

Prints the call stack in nice preformatted table. $stack - reference to array of call stack hashrefs (result, returned by get_stack() subroutine).


Custom warning handler. $message - warning message to be displayed.


Custom error handler. $message - error message to be displayed.


Eidolon, Eidolon::Application


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Anton Belousov, <>


Copyright (c) 2009, Atma 7,