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Changes for version 1.120510 - 2012-02-20


pandemic board game in perl


cooperative pandemic board game
base class for pandemic cards
pandemic city card
epidemic card for pandemic
base class for special pandemic event cards
airlift event card for pandemic
"forecast" event card for pandemic
government grant event card for pandemic
quiet night event card for pandemic
resilient population event card for pandemic
pandemic city object
pandemic local configuration
controller for a pandemic game
pandemic card deck
pandemic disease object
internationalization utilities for pandemic
pandemic map information
standard pandemic map from real game
pandemic game player
dispatcher pandemic role
medic pandemic role
operations expert pandemic role
researcher pandemic role
scientist pandemic role
base class for pandemic dialog windows
pandemic dialog to confirm an action
dialog window to move a player with airlift
pandemic dialog to select which disease to treat
pandemic dialog to drop cards
dialog window to play a forecast
pandemic dialog to give cards
dialog window to play a government grant
dialog window to remove a city from being infected
generic pandemic dialog
dialog window to show cards
main pandemic window
pandemic dialog to show player cards
Tk utilities for gui building
various utilities for pandemic