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Changes for version 0.9943

  • o stable release with all changes in 0.9942_50

Changes for version 0.9942_50

  • o geo URI handled now by OpenStreetMap o WWWBrowser update o use POSIX::_exist instead of CORE::exit in forked processes to avoid core dumps with newer perls o more and better tests


How to use the perl/Tk Pod browser widget
a Perl/Tk based pager
Perl/Tk Pod browser


a 'more' or 'less' like text widget
Pod browser toplevel widget
internal Tk-Pod module for cache control
find Pods installed on the current system
Widget to access perlindex Pod full text index
dirty OO wrapper for perlindex's search functionality
render Pod::Simple events to a Tk::Pod window
Pod browser widget
list Pod file hierarchy
Tk::Pod specific utility functions


in Pod/