Changes for version v0.0.011 - 2022-11-21

  • restored printing of reasons for rejection
  • improved warnings for filter and active range missing data
  • refactored StationTable _report_gaps to create _find_gaps
  • added quality % column to missing data reporting, and related improvements
  • for API use, provided an optional parameter to StationTable::load_stations to receive the station text
  • corrected some API POD related to the now defunct user_options and profile_options hashes in set_options
  • eliminated multiple declarations of $PROFILE_FILE
  • moved _get_profile_options and _get_profile_filespec from StationTable to Options
  • renamed _get_profile_options and _get_profile_filespec to get_profile_options and get_profile_filespec
  • moved testing of get_profile_options and get_profile_filespec from 22 to 14_options.t
  • added a cache maintenance utility script (ghcn_cache)
  • removed check for valid cachedir that was preventing ghcn_fetch working without a cache
  • eliminated uninitialized warning in kml report when a station active range has only one value (i.e. end = start)
  • fixed a problem causing ghcn_fetch to croak when both -cachedir and -profile are empty strings
  • fixed 91_ghcn_fetch.t 'output to clipboard' test, which was failing during dzil release


Manage the cache used by ghcn_fetch
Report temperature extremes from ghcn_fetch output
Fetch station and weather data from the NOAA GHCN repository
Count stations in ghcn_fetch output


Show or clean up cache content
Report temperature extremes from Weather::GHCN::Fetch output
Fetch station and weather data from the NOAA GHCN repository
Count stations in Weather::GHCN::Fetch station output
URI page fetch with file-based caching
common functions for GHCN scripts and modules
convert between various country codes
Access the NOAA GHCN Global Historical Climatology Network repository
provide a list of meteorological metrics to be obtained from GHCN daily data
create and manage option lists/objects used by GHCN modules and scripts
class for Station metadata
collect station objects and weather data
collect timing statistics for GHCN modules and scripts