Helper subroutines to support parts of the Netdisco application.

There are no default exports, however the :all tag will export all subroutines.


nbtstat_resolve_async( $ips )

This method uses an asynchronous AnyEvent NetBIOS node status requester App::Netdisco::AnyEvent::Nbtstat.

Given a reference to an array of hashes will connects to the IPv4 of a node and gets NetBIOS node status information.

Returns the supplied reference to an array of hashes with MAC address, NetBIOS name, NetBIOS domain/workgroup, NetBIOS user, and NetBIOS server service status for addresses which responded.

store_nbt($nb_hash_ref, $now?)

Stores entries in node_nbt table from the provided hash reference; MAC mac, IP ip, Unique NetBIOS Node Name nbname, NetBIOS Domain or Workgroup domain, whether the Server Service is running server, and the current NetBIOS user nbuser.

Adds new entry or time stamps matching one.

Optionally a literal string can be passed in the second argument for the time_last timestamp, otherwise the current timestamp (LOCALTIMESTAMP) is used.