A set of helper subroutines to support parts of the Netdisco application.

There are no default exports, however the :all tag will export all subroutines.


check_mac( $node, $device?, $port_macs? )

Given a MAC address, perform various sanity checks which need to be done before writing an ARP/Neighbor entry to the database storage.

Returns false, and might log a debug level message, if the checks fail.

Returns a true value (the MAC address in IEEE format) if these checks pass:

  • MAC address is well-formed (according to common formats)

  • MAC address is not all-zero, broadcast, CLIP, VRRP or HSRP

Optionally pass a Device instance or IP to use in logging.

Optionally pass a cached set of Device port MAC addresses as the third argument, in which case an additional check is added:

  • MAC address does not belong to an interface on any known Device

is_nbtstatable( $ip )

Given an IP address, returns true if Netdisco on this host is permitted by the local configuration to nbtstat the node.

The configuration items nbtstat_no and nbtstat_only are checked against the given IP.

Returns false if the host is not permitted to nbtstat the target node.

store_arp( \%host, $now? )

Stores a new entry to the node_ip table with the given MAC, IP (v4 or v6) and DNS host name. Host details are provided in a Hash ref:

    ip   => '',
    node => '00:11:22:33:44:55',
    dns  => '',

The dns entry is optional. The update will mark old entries for this IP as no longer active.

Optionally a literal string can be passed in the second argument for the time_last timestamp, otherwise the current timestamp (LOCALTIMESTAMP) is used.