Helper functions for SNMP::Info instances.

There are no default exports, however the :all tag will export all subroutines.


get_communities( $device, $mode )

Takes the current device_auth setting and pushes onto the front of the list the last known good SNMP settings used for this mode (read or write).

snmp_comm_reindex( $snmp, $device, $vlan )

Takes an established SNMP::Info instance and makes a fresh connection using community indexing, with the given $vlan ID. Works for all SNMP versions.

Inherits the vtp_version from the previous SNMP::Info instance.

Passing VLAN "0" (zero) will reset the indexing to the basic v2 community or v3 empty context.


Return a list of directories in the `netdisco-mibs` folder.

decode_and_munge( $method, $data )

Takes some data from SNMP::Info cache that has been Base64 encoded and frozen with Storable, decodes it and then munge to handle data format, before finally pretty render in JSON format.

sortable_oid( $oid, $seglen? )

Take an OID and return a version of it which is sortable using cmp operator. Works by zero-padding the numeric parts all to be length $seglen, which defaults to 6.