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App::cpm::Tutorial - How to use cpm


  $ cpm install Module


cpm is yet another CPAN client (like cpan, cpanp, and cpanm), which is fast!

How to install cpm

From CPAN:

  $ curl -fsSL | perl - install -g App::cpm

Or, download a self-contained cpm:

  $ curl -fsSL > cpm
  $ chmod +x cpm
  $ ./cpm --version

First step

  $ cpm install Plack

This command installs Plack into ./local, and you can use it by

  $ perl -I$PWD/local/lib/perl5 -MPlack -E 'say Plack->VERSION'

If you want to install modules into current INC instead of ./local, then use --global/-g option.

  $ cpm install --global Plack

By default, cpm outputs only DONE install Module things. If you want more verbose messages, use --verbose/-v option.

  $ cpm install --verbose Plack

Second step

cpm can handle version range notation like cpanm. Let's see some examples.

  $ cpm install Plack~'> 1.000, <= 2.000'
  $ cpm install Plack~'== 1.0030'
  $ cpm install Plack@1.0030  # this is an alias of ~'== 1.0030'

cpm can install dev releases (TRIAL releases).

  $ cpm install Moose@dev

  # if you prefer dev releases for not only Moose,
  # but also its dependencies, then use global --dev option
  $ cpm install --dev Moose

And cpm can install modules from git repositories directly.

  $ cpm install

cpanfile and dist/url/mirror/git syntax

If you omit arguments, and there exists one of

META.json (with dynamic_config false)

in the current directory, then cpm loads modules from the file, and install them

  $ cat cpanfile
  requires 'Moose', '2.000';
  requires 'Plack', '> 1.000, <= 2.000';
  $ cpm install

If you have cpanfile.snapshot, then cpm tries to resolve distribution names from it

  $ cpm install -v
  30186 DONE resolve (0.001sec) Plack -> Plack-1.0030 (from Snapshot)

cpm supports dist/url/mirror syntax in cpanfile just like cpanminus:

  requires 'Path::Class', 0.26,
    dist => "KWILLIAMS/Path-Class-0.26.tar.gz";

  # use dist + mirror
  requires 'Cookie::Baker',
    dist => "KAZEBURO/Cookie-Baker-0.08.tar.gz",
    mirror => "";

  # use the full URL
  requires 'Try::Tiny', 0.28,
    url => "";

cpm also supports git syntax in cpanfile:

  requires 'Carl', git => '';
  requires 'App::cpm', git => '';
  requires 'Perl::PrereqDistributionGatherer',
    git => '',
    ref => '3850305'; # ref can be revision/branch/tag

Please note that to support git syntax in cpanfile wholly, there are several TODOs.

Darkpan integration

There are CPAN modules that create darkpans (minicpan, CPAN mirror) such as CPAN::Mini, OrePAN2, Pinto.

Such darkpans store distribution tarballs in


and create the de facto standard index file 02packages.details.txt.gz in


If you want to use cpm against such darkpans, change the cpm resolver by --resolver/-r option:

  $ cpm install --resolver 02packages, Module
  $ cpm install --resolver 02packages,file::///path/to/darkpan   Module

If you host your own metadb for your own darkpan, you can use it too:

  $ cpm install \
     --resolver metadb,, \