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Catalyst::Plugin::RapidApp::NavCore - Saved views and editable navtrees for RapidDbic


 package MyApp;
 use Catalyst   qw/


This plugin adds saved views to DBIC grid modules (such as those automatically setup by the RapidDbic plugin). This adds a "Save Search" option to the "Options" toolbar menu in supported grids. This allows persisting the state of a given grid, such as the custom column configuration, sort options, filter set, and so on, to be retrieved again later. Saved Searches are given a custom name which then appear in the automatic navigation tree provided in TabGui/RapidDbic.

Additionally, loading this plugin adds an "Organize Tree" menu point to the navigation tree which provides a drag and drop interface to organize the tree, add folder structures, rename, delete and copy the previously saved views.

When used in tandem with the AuthCore plugin, each user is given their own, private folder of saved searches which show up under "My Views" in the navtree, in addition to the public saved searches which show up the same for all users.

When used in this mode, the Save Search dialog provides a checkbox to save as a "public" view rather than a private view, for only the current user. This option is only available if the user has public search rights (which defaults to users with the 'administrator' role). Additionally, administrators are able to access the views of other users from the Organize Navtree interface, and can drag and drop searches between users as well as between the public section and users, and visa versa.

The saved views are made accessible via virtual controller path under /view/[search_id] in the application which translate into the real module path, with applied saved state data, internally.

Like other Core plugins, NavCore uses Model::RapidApp::CoreSchema to persist its data. Internally, the CoreSchema database also has a "DefaultView" source which can be used to specify a given saved view to be used by default for each source to load instead of the default grid state, which is determined according to the schema as well as any additional global TableSpec configurations.

Default Views can be set via the CoreSchemaAdmin plugin. When NavCore is loaded, these are made available under the "Source Default Views" menu point under the RapidApp::CoreSchema section in the navtree.



Henry Van Styn <vanstyn@cpan.org>


This software is copyright (c) 2013 by IntelliTree Solutions llc.

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