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Data::Type::Collection - a group of datatypes somehow related


  package Data::Type::Collection::My::Interface;

    our @ISA = qw(Data::Type::Object::Interface);

    our $VERSION = '0.01.25';

    sub prefix : method {'My::'} 

    sub pkg_prefix : method {'my_'} 


All types are grouped and though belong to a collection. The collection is identified by a short id. All members are living in a namespace that is prefixed with it (uppercased).

Standard Collection ('STD')

This is a heterogenous collection of datatypes which is loaded by default. It contains various issues from CPAN modules (i.e. business, creditcard, email, markup, regexps and etc.) and some everyday things. See Data::Type::Collection::Std.

W3C/XML-Schema Collection ('W3C')

A nearly 1-to-1 use of XML::Schema datatypes. It is nearly complete and works off the shelf. Please visit the XMLSchema http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-2/ homepage for sophisticated documentation. See Data::Type::Collection::W3C.

Database Collection ('DB')

Common database table types (VARCHAR, TINYTEXT, TIMESTAMP, etc.). See Data::Type::Collection::DB.

Biological Collection ('BIO')

Everything that is related to biological matters (DNA, RNA, etc.). See Data::Type::Collection::Bio.

Chemistry Collection ('CHEM')

Everything that is related to chemical matters (Atoms, etc.). See Data::Type::Collection::Chem.

Perl5 Collection ('PERL')

Reserved and undecided. See Data::Type::Collection::Perl.

Perl6 Apocalypse Collection ('PERL6')

Placeholder for the Apocalypse and Synopsis 6 suggested datatypes for perl6. See Data::Type::Collection::Perl6.

[Note] ALL is a an alias for all available collections at once.


This is a service class for collections. When creating a new collection one would inherit from Data::Type::Object::Interface.


our $_ids = HREF

This is a listing of the shipped collections within the Data::Type module. It is helpfull in conjunction with Data::Type:::Query but also for other introspective uses.

 our $_ids = 
        STD => 'Std.pm',  
        BIO => 'Bio.pm',  
        DB => 'DB.pm',  
        W3C => 'W3C.pm',  
        CHEM => 'Chem.pm',

our $_stds = AREF

Contains the list of standard type collections which get always loaded per default when Data::Type is used.

 our $_stds = [qw(STD)];


Sourceforge http://sf.net/projects/datatype is hosting a project dedicated to this module. And I enjoy receiving your comments/suggestion/reports also via http://rt.cpan.org or http://testers.cpan.org.


Murat Uenalan, <muenalan@cpan.org>

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