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Mail::Summary::Tools::Downloader::NNTP - Get NNTP articles and their thread roots.


        use Mail::Summary::Tools::Downloader::NNTP;

        my $downloader = Mail::Summary::Tools::Downloader::NNTP->new(
                server => "",
                cache  => $article_cache,
                fetch_recursively => 0,

        my $mgr = Mail::Box::Manager->new;
        my $mbox = $mgr->open( "foo" );

                group   => "perl.perl6.language",
                from    => 10000,
                to      => 11000,
                mailbox => $mbox,
                extra_mailboxes => \@extra,


This utility makes downloading mailing list archives from an nntp server into a mailbox trivial.

Messages whose message ID is already in any of the mailboxes are not downloaded.

Additionally, message IDs listed in the References header will also be fetched if fetch_recursively is on (the default).

Since Mail::Box::Thread::Manager can thread messages from multiple mailboxes this one can download the next batch of articles with fetch_recursively enabled, and using a log-rotation like mechanism delete older mailboxes without fear of breaking the threads, at the cost of some redundant downloads.