Perinci::Access::Simple::Server::Socket - Implement Riap::Simple server over sockets


This document describes version 0.290 of Perinci::Access::Simple::Server::Socket (from Perl distribution Perinci-Access-Simple-Server), released on 2021-08-01.


 use Perinci::Access::Simple::Server::Socket;
 my $server = Perinci::Access::Simple::Server::Socket->new(
     ports                   => [''],             # default none
     unix_sockets            => ['/var/run/riap-simple.sock'],  # default none
     #start_servers          => 0,                # default 3, 0=don't prefork
     #max_clients            => 0,                # default 3, 0=don't prefork
     #max_requests_per_child => 100,                            # default 1000
     #daemonize              => 1,                              # default 0

Or use using the included peri-sockserve script:

 % peri-sockserve -p -s /path/to/unix/sock Foo::Bar Baz::*


This module implements Riap::Simple server over sockets. It features preforking, multiple interface and Unix sockets.


name => STR (default is basename of $0)

Name of server, for display in process table ('ps ax').

daemonize => BOOL (default 0)

Whether to daemonize (go into background).

riap_client => OBJ

Perinci::Access (or compatible) instance.

ports => ARRAY OF STR (default [])

One or more TCP ports to listen to. Default is none. Each port can be in the form of N, ":N", "" (all means the same thing, to bind to all interfaces) or "" (to bind to a specific network interface).

A string is also accepted, it will be split (delimiter ,) beforehand.

Since server does not support any encryption, it is recommended to bind to localhost (

unix_sockets => ARRAY OF STR (default [])

Location of Unix sockets. Default is none, which means not listening to Unix socket. Each element should be an absolute path.

A string is also accepted, it will be split (delimiter ,) beforehand.

You must at least specify one port or one Unix socket, or server will refuse to run.

timeout => BOOL (default 120)

Socket timeout. Will be passed to IO::Socket.

require_root => BOOL (default 0)

Whether to require running as root.

Passed to Proc::Daemon::Prefork's constructor.

pid_path => STR (default /var/run/<name>.pid or ~/<name>.pid)

Location of PID file.

scoreboard_path => STR (default /var/run/<name>.scoreboard or ~/<name>.scoreboard)

Location of scoreboard file (used for communication between parent and child processes). If you disable this (by setting scoreboard_path => 0), autoadjusting number of children won't work (number of children will be kept at 'start_servers').

error_log_path => STR (default /var/log/<name>-error.log or ~/<name>-error.log)

Location of error log. Default is /var/log/<name>-error.log. It will be opened in append mode.

access_log_path => STR (default /var/log/<name>-access.log or ~/<name>-access.log)

Location of access log. It will be opened in append mode.

start_servers => INT (default 3)

Number of children to fork at the start of run. If you set this to 0, the server becomes a nonforking one.

Tip: You can set start_servers to 0 and 'daemonize' to false for debugging.

max_clients => INT (default 150)

Maximum number of children processes to maintain. If server is busy, number of children will be increased from the original 'start_servers' up until this value.

max_requests_per_child => INT (default 1000)

Number of requests each child will serve until it exists.


$server = Perinci::Access::Simple::Server::Socket->new(%args)

Create a new instance of server. %args can be used to set attributes.


Run server.


Alias for run().


Stop running server.


Restart server.

$server->is_running() => BOOL

Check whether server is running.


This is a hook provided for subclasses to do something before the daemon is preforking. For example, you can preload Perl modules here so that each child doesn't have to load modules separately (= inefficient).


Write access log entry.


Please visit the project's homepage at


Source repository is at


Please report any bugs or feature requests on the bugtracker website

When submitting a bug or request, please include a test-file or a patch to an existing test-file that illustrates the bug or desired feature.


Riap::Simple, Riap, Rinci

peri-sockserve, simple command-line interface for this module.

Perinci::Access::Simple::Client, Perinci::Access


perlancar <>


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